External ways to cure that boredom feeling


There are both internal and external ways to cure that boredom feeling.  Boredom can set in for many reasons.  So, let’s look at ways we can help ourselves.  It is in our POWER!!

Here I am going to talk about external things YOU can do to help rid you of that boredom feeling.

Plan Ahead

Schedule your life to ensure there aren’t huge gaps or work overflows later.  This can mean scheduling high quality experiences if you find yourself frequently bored.

It can also mean dividing large projects if you find yourself chronically busy.

  • Plan weekend activities for next month now.  This not only gives you something to look forward to, but it also forces you to stay productive instead of just busy.
  • Map out what is placing demands on your time.  Can you consolidate all your ‘busy work’ (such as responding to emails) into one block of time instead of allowing it to cause constant interruptions in your day?

Win Win

If you must perform an activity you think has low quality, you’re going to feel bored.  Find ways to reorganise your life so that jobs, chores and duties can become interesting high-quality experiences.

  • Turn mind numbing chores into opportunities for growth and learning.  For example; listen to an audio book or lecture on the commute to work or while you’re cleaning your house.


If you don’t manage time you’ll never have enough of it.  There are always more things to do than you have time for.  Get your values straight, so that the highest priorities are handled first!  This way your life doesn’t get overtaken by the unimportant.

  • Set a vision for your life, and determine how everything you do either contributes or detracts from that vision.
  • Chances are, the things that don’t align with your vision are some of the same things that bore you.  After you identify low priority activities, you can try to make them more meaningful, or you can find ways to eliminate them.

Put Quality of Experience First

It is easy to get caught up in external goals that don’t fulfil their promises.  Focus on goals that will give you a greater quality, not just a more money.

  • Set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals that align with your life’s vision.

Escape the Motions

Habits are a part of your life, but don’t let them become the only thing.  Break out of your patterns if they aren’t giving you what you need.

  • Schedule times to break from your routines.  I thrive on having a routine most days, but I also give myself opportunities to break from sameness.
  • Say “yes” to trying something new.  Nothing spices up your day like trying something new.

Lots of love

All said with love and care.  Until next time…