Are you bored of feeling fed up?

Do you ever feel bored

Are you bored of feeling fed up?

Mindfulness is a great way of bringing you, and your life back to life

Boredom sets in when we stop being curious and open minded around what’s actually going on in and around us.  Practising mindfulness helps us develop the attitudes of open, friendly, non-judgemental curiosity.

These attitudes help us engage with, and notice what’s new, interesting and different.

Changing how you pay attention to your life can radically transform the quality of your life.

Are you bored of feeling fed up?

I once heard a saying “People who say they’re bored are very boring people!”.  Now, you have the power to go and make some fun for yourself.

You have two choices, either stay bored and ‘depressed’ because we are relying on others to help us.  Or to get busy using your imagination.

Ask yourself ‘how can I be happy?’ and eventually your mind will get busy and make some fun for yourself.

Are you Bored or just Boring? (the naked truth about boredom)

Boredom doesn’t set in.  Boredom is the natural state of the passively incurious, the unadventurous and indecisive.

It’s not easy to break the habit of ‘boring yourself to death’  but it is possible.  Has part of you become the kind of person that you don’t really like to be with anymore?  There IS an answer… 

Learn how to practice mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

‘The ability to be fully present in the moment’

Mindfulness meditation practice is one way to truly experience the current moment and integrate that awareness into your everyday life.

Being constantly uninspired is no fun at all, so we need to get rid of what keeps you bored and miserable.  It sounds a bit weird, but hey, there’s something in this.   You just have to make the time to do it and practice it!

I get, it’s not easy to break those ingrained mental habits.  But mindfulness will help you spot them and respond differently to them.  We can learn to pay attention to the things we can control and the things we can’t.

things we can control

things we can control

Get rid of that boring/boredom feeling

Now you’ve created some space for YOU to come back out. It is time to look at more ways to cure that boredom feeling.

There are external things and also internal things to look at.  Take a LOOK and start to make BIG changes to your life.

Mindfulness is a great skill to practice.  It will give you access to moments of pleasure you never realised were available to you here and now. Once you’ve learned the secrets of living mindfully you’ll never need to be bored again.

Have fun exploring the possibilities and enjoy designing your new, happier life!

Lots of love

All said with love and care.  Until next time…