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There are 6 key areas to work on in business.   


We will look deeper into Law of attraction, how it impacts your life.  You will learn where to focus your thoughts and why this is important. 

Look at your dreams and visions for your future and how you can get there. 

This session will help begin to look at your mindset and a taster session to leave you feeling inspired to begin to make these changes. 

This will help identify business and personal needs.  From this assessment you will be able to see how well your business is working and how effective it is.  However, we sometimes need to make changes to make things run smoother.

Sometimes by looking at the business in its’ entirety, you can see what areas need work and where improvements can be made.


Working on your self is key to making any business or idea a success.  We are the only ones who can turn our ideas into reality. 

We may struggle, due to our own mindset or listening to other people’s negativity.  We can see everything as an obstacle, even if it is down to far, overwhelm, chaos, lack of time, lack of money, or any other obstacle.  These are just blockages, but we must be prepared to move past these.  This will happen over and over again. 

Without goals, there’s no purpose. Without purpose, there’s no drive.

Goals without a plan is just a wish.  When we have a plan we can see a pathway to achieve our goals.  WE live in a world where we are so focused on reality, that we often find it difficult to think BIG.

This section will help you think bigger and set goals that you will begin to believe you can achieve.


Time is something we never have enough of, we need more time to achieve the things we want to do in life and live the life we dream of.

Time is limited, you can always earn more money, but you can never replace time.  Someone said that to me once and it really resonated with me.


Pricing is a crucial part of any business.  If we don't have the correct pricing structure in place your business will not survive. 

We must know our cash flow situation and this month you will learn all of this.

Imagine streamlining your cash flow and knowing how much your business can take per month.

I will show you how to set up an online booking system and you will learn how crucial this is.

This will help with the systemisation within your business.  

It will also free up time and get you away from being stuck to your salon phone.

How good would it feel to know clients are booking in without you doing anything?


This month will help you set up your business pages and if they are already set up it will guide you through managing your pages and helping become more efficient with social media.  

You will learn the importance of a social media content calendar and there will be templates you can use.

We are going to look at different ways to market your business and help make it a success.

You don't have to follow what everyone else is doing.  It is time to begin to think creatively.


How to make sure your clients are happy and you feel you are creating the best possible experience for your clients

Make your salon/business stand out.  Wow the customer every time...


Systemisation is key to any business working smoothly.  If you have systems, your business can and will run without you being present.  

Sound good?  This is hard to do, you will learn very simple techniques to help you achieve this.


It is so important to pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge how far you have come.  

WE will look at the business assessment again and see how much your business has changed over the last 12 months.


All of this will lead to you being able to work the hours you choose and earn the money you would like...

I have had a salon for 20 years and I get how difficult it can be to have the work/life balance we crave.

I want to help salon owners, like you, have the confidence to enjoy having a Beauty Salon and be able to Create Salon Success.

Some of the problem, I believe is not having a clear plan, leading to:

  • Total distraction - being on social media, but time-wasting.
  • Unnecessary stress & anxiety - which is the best marketing strategy you have read?
  • A BIG delay in your income - confused by all the different advice you have read.
  • It can feel impossible to grow when you don’t have a clear plan to build a business that allows you to serve at your highest level and make a fantastic income while you’re at it.

There is no handbook…

Which is exactly why most entrepreneurs don’t have a clear plan to grow a profitable business.   (and yes you are an entrepreneur). 

It can be so frustrating  finding the right marketing strategy that works for your business, not to mention keep up with all the constant changes.

I’m honoured to be part of this community! 

Knowing Louisa has helped me to not only enjoy her fabulous range of skincare, aromatherapy & candles but to have an accountability coach who has supported me when things are tough when other family and friends just don’t always seem to fully understand the pressure!! 

Let’s face it and be real - now more than ever business is tough! I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way......

Some days we feel like warriors. Other days we hide behind closed doors.  Possibly with anxiety about the times ahead, maybe nervous for our futures, stress at home with kids being off school, partners working from home under our feet all sorts going thru our minds!! I know because I’ve felt all of the above and more during these lockdowns! To the point where I’ve sat and cried!!

Louisa however has been a ray of sunshine -  her strength has pulled me through!!
Showing me ways to improve ✅
Taking opportunities from the depths of darkness✅
Pushing me to limits I didn’t realise I could get to!! ✅
All this and more; her membership programme helps me both in business and in my personal life!

Thank you, Louisa, for everything!

Dawn Brown

This membership is designed to keep you focused and on track towards your goals.  You can do this, it can just be easier with support!  

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