I want to make this whole process as SIMPLE as possible for you.

That’s what it’s all about right?! So – here are a heap of FAQs to help you get started. If you still have a question after this, please do drop me an email on info@creatingsalonsuccess.co.uk, or book your free strategy call with me.
I’m so busy, how much time do I need to invest to get results?

I totally get that, and I build Creating Salon Success around that. It’s designed so that you can go ahead and just do each course in stages, or you can work through everything and have resources at your fingertips. If you want to truly leapfrog your business to the next level why not join the VIP programme and have a 1-hour accountability/coaching call each month.

If you dedicate as little as 1 hour per week to learning plus the implementation you will be on your way to starting your salon success.

I’m taking other courses right now, is this something that I can “layer” on top of other training materials?

Absolutely! While the Creating Salon Success membership is designed to stand on its own, I get that you’ve made prior commitments and everything you learn inside will build on your existing skills. Plus, you can always email us if you need help marrying concepts from other courses into the programme.

Does the price ever go up?

Yes it does, but ONLY for new members (not existing ones like you). As new resources are added to the membership and the value increases, so does our pricing. This means the longer you’re a member, the more valuable your membership becomes!

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for salon owners, who are wanting to increase and expand their businesses. Who doesn’t want to systemise their businesses? 

Now if you are a mobile therapist/stylist, this is still for you. 

Even if you do not have any staff and do not want to grow your business that way, you can still grow in yourself. Who doesn’t want to understand their profitability margin better? Who doesn’t want to make their business more efficient and work better for them? 

You will learn so much about your business and you will inevitably earn more money. You have to be open to changing your current processes.

I’m currently traveling – are there any options for me?

Yes! The content is accessible instantly from your laptop or your mobile, you’ll be able to access the community and learn on the go, 24/7.

Is this only for new salon owners?

Absolutely not, it is for those starting out in business, but it is also for those who are at that point in their business where they don’t know where to turn. You know when your business grew too quickly, you couldn’t keep up? And now your head is spinning…

You have staff, and you have so many overheads and you are working so hard, yet things are not right as you have no time to do the advertising and accounts. You are struggling to keep on top of things as you have a fully booked column.

This programme is for people like you. So busy working in the business, no time to work on it, but we need to do make it work for us. After all, who didn’t become self-employed to have more freedom? I remember when being self-employed felt like the worse paid job out there. You can change that though…

How often is the training updated?
Every single month we have new workshops, courses, or dedicated training, so the content is always fresh, and you access the latest strategies & tactics.
Can I purchase courses separately?

We do offer the courses separately, both online and in person. We have a training centre at our headquarters in Sheffield and we also run courses from an academy in Barnsley. Obviously, as a member the courses are included online as part of your membership programme, however, there would be a charge to come in person.

What if it’s not right for me?
Glad you asked! The membership is a 6 month commitment as I believe you can start to make changes and see massive improvements in your business, but after your 6 month commitment you can choose to cancel your membership or carry on.
Is there a contract?
It is a 6 month commitment to the programme. It can be hard at times, and you may feel it is not for you, but commit to making these changes and you will start to see improvements, in how you feel about your business, cash flow, increased sales and much more. It is an exciting time and you will see so many changes, they may be little at first but they will soon become bigger.
Are there any other plans available?
There are 2 plans, online membership only and the accountability programme where you get a 1 to 1 call each month with a member of the team.
Is this a female only community?
No, there are both male and female stylists and therapists and salon owners. However, currently, many of our members are female, but it is not solely for females.