Reverse Engineering Your Goals

Have you every heard of Reverse Engineering your Goals?

Reverse engineering your goals?  It sounds weird doesn’t it? I know you are probably wondering, what does it actually mean?

Well, basically, reverse engineering often involves taking something apart and analysing its workings in detail.  When I am reverse engineering my goals I analyse and ‘take apart’ precisely what it is I hope to achieve.  For example, I would look at what I want to happen and then I would build a framework and break it down in reverse order.

How we normally look at things from start to finish, I would look at the steps and tasks that will be required to effectively achieve my ambition and then I would write down all of the steps, but then do them in reverse order.

I know you think it sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Four keys to reverse engineering for success are…

Identify as many steps as possible that are required to reach the goal.

The process is not rocket science. It begins by answering 4 questions:

1) WHAT do you want?  A crystal clear sentence that outlines exactly your objective. (Determine the most basic level of the goal.)

2) WHY do you want it?  List in bullet points, specifically why this is your goal.  Ensure that you are committed.

3) WHEN do you want it?  A tangible and exact time frame. Date/time/year. 5 year, 3 years, 1 years, 6 months, or 1 week. 

4) HOW will you achieve it?  Work backwards by breaking down the goal into daily tasks and hourly work.  Identify as many steps as possible that are required to reach the goal.

Take action!

I have found that if I start off by visualising a successfully completed goal.  Then I imagine all that is  required to get me there.  This then helps me identify what I need to do.

In order to get started, you begin from the most basic stripped down version of whatever your goal is.

Are you looking to make a life/business change of some sort?

Firstly, STOP thinking about doing remarkable things and START making them a reality.

Everyone has dreams and goals.  But some folks lack a method and vision for success.  Then, of course, there are others who are just afraid to pursue their potentially life changing ideas because they are terrified of failure.

When it comes to your goals, I truly believe that there has never been a more perfect time to move beyond fear of failure or social stigma.  With the current state of the economy, you almost have nothing to lose by trying.

I must say, after years of trial and error and coming up with a system that works for me, I have finally learned to manage and control those uneasy feelings.

Why it works?

Reverse engineering is a lot like any other planning exercise.  Although, I think this works because instead of just listing out the steps that you think you need at random, you must actually visualise yourself as having completed the goal.

Not only does this help by making the objective seem more tangible, but it can also help to put you in a proper mindset to start taking action.

Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” ~ Henry Ford

See you next time

Lots of love

Louisa x