Key factors that can affect the prices of your services

What do I need to know?

There are so many things that can effect how expensive or cheap your services are.  But what? I know you are asking…

So, let me go though some points that are key for your pricing strategy.

Growing loyalty

As mentioned before, making your clients come back to your salon only is a high-end move. Try to please your clients and the profits of your salon will be maximized shortly.

Promoting the smart way

You don’t need to invest a fortune to get your salon promoted. You can include specific offers in your pricing scheme.

For instance, if a customer purchases a cosmetic product from your salon, they get a discount on the service. This way, you promote what your salon has to offer without an additional budget dedicated to it.

Add-on services

Besides the haircut prices, you might want to think about complementary services as well. Add deluxe packages to the services that you already have on your list. Massages or exfoliation are just some of the add-on services that clients often choose. For a small effort and a little product usage, you can charge customers more.

Shifts and workload

Consider the fact that people make salon appointments during the weekend or in the afternoon, so try to accommodate the demand using shifts.

This way, you can pay your employees efficiently and not spend more than you can handle on salaries.

Timing is key

Finally, you should think about adding offers based on the schedule of the salon.

Since workload isn’t properly distributed in salons, you might want to add promotions during the off-peak time, so customers are encouraged to come, even when your salon is not usually booked.

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Louisa x