Systemise Your Salon

Ever feel like business is taking over your life?


What would happen if you were ill, or rushed into hospital unexpectedly?

If you have staff, are they working how you want? Are they treating your clients how you want them to? Do they answer the telephone in the way you want them to?

Ever been to McDonalds? It is systemised… Everyone does the same thing. Everyone works the same way. If you had that in your business, it could work without you, you could become that person who doesn’t have to be present in the salon. Not to say, you don’t want to be, but you could be that person who has a choice…

When Louisa Ashforth, Beauty salon owner of 18 years, systemised her business, it made a world of difference.

It enabled her to have the right staff. Staff knew what was expected and it quickly came to light if they didn’t fit the bill, it was time to part ways. Sounds harsh, yes? But it has to be this way. Our salon is our baby and we should nourish it and help it grow.

Louisa has now helped many people systemise their salon/beauty business to suit their needs…
I know you are thinking, I am a one-man band, it is just me, I don’t need a system. This is the time we SHOULD be systemising.

Do you see yourself working 10 hours a day for the rest of your life? Having a system in place means you don’t have to. When you decide you need help, or an apprentice, because you are so busy, you won’t have the worry of

‘Gosh I need help, but now I have no time to show them what to do’. Believe me, if you don’t systemise now, it is setting up to make life harder later. You will regret it!

You make a business plan; you create your dreams. It is the system that will help make it happen. Do it now. Take the day out of your business to work ON your business…

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