Have you set your 2022 intentions for your business?

Goal setting is hard and can feel weird

Have you set your 2022 intentions for your business?  Do you have an income goal?  So many people do not and I understand why.  I get how weird it can feel to set goals.  Especially when it comes to an income goal.  People often tell me that feel funny or greedy.

It is really common to get blocked or let pre-concepted ideas come into your mind.  But when you are in business it is really important, year on year, to set intentions for your business.

Look at where you are now and where you WISH you were.  Start writing things down.  But always remember Whatever goals you are setting, don’t be so realistic.

Stop being realistic

Being realistic is often people’s downfall.  I hear it so much.  ‘Ooh no way I can’t say I want to earn that much, it is not possible’.  We have to open our mind to the possibility and it can weirdly open up avenues for us.  Putting things out to the universe really does come back yo you.

Sending mixed messages to the universe can happen if you keep changing your mind.  I know I have done this so many times.

There is no right or wrong and do not overthink it!

Have fun with it.  Just pretend.  Remember nothing is set in stone.

Always think what will bring me closer to my goal

Setting an income goal will give you focus and when you are set in your mind of what you want to achieve it can effect future decisions.  If something does not bring you closer to your goal you may think twice about it.

This can be really motivating.  I love that sense of achievement when I have achieved my goals.  I get this is not for everyone, so if you feel better, just start small.  Achieve it and start the next goal. Does that make sense

Be clear on your intentions

Being clear on your intentions can make everything so much clearer.

You can just pluck a figure out if thin air if that suits you.  After all your goal is just a number!  It works for so many successful people so don’t knock it.  Try it, or if not you can attempt a more realistic approach.

I know that often works better for people to start with anyway.

Let’s have a look at some different ideas:

Lifestyle – Think about your dream life and what does it look like.  How much money would you need to live this way?  Why not use this example?

When you can see something on paper, it makes it more real and possible.

Do you want to live more organically?  Have medical insurance? Travel more?  Whatever it is, write it down.  This way your brain takes it in more.

So if your shopping has increased by £50 per week and your medical is now an extra £10 per week and your travel plans will mean you need an extra £100 per week to be able to do it.  Write it down and believe it is possible!!

Percentage Increase – This is easy.  Look at what you earnt last year and think, ok I want to earn 10% more or even stretch it to be bigger and think 30% more.

Write it down and make your business grow!

Create Opportunities from what you already have – What do you currently offer by way of products in your salon?  Think about how you could target yourself to sell an extra 1 per week or even 5 per week.

Look at how much extra revenue that would create!  Or is it time for that dreaded price increase?  Join me in my membership group to see how you can learn about my pricing formula to make life easier.


I hope this has simplified a few things for you.  Drop me a message if you want to chat more…

Lots of love

This is all said with love, I know many people have different opinions and that is absolutely fine.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Any questions, just ask… Why not arrange a fact finding call and see if we can generate some ideas of how to move your business forward.

Much love.

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