Busy is not the same as being productive

Is this you? Are you really busy?  Yet you haven’t got anything done?

Busy is not the same as productive.  This used to be me, all the time.  I would be soooo busy.  None stop.  To the point where friends would say I know you’re busy…

This got me thinking…

                              ‘yes, but I am not too busy for you’. 

Then I started to think, ok so I am busy but what have I done?  Or what have I been doing? What things can I put to one side?

I also thought…

‘How can I be soooo busy, yet I don’t have the money coming in?  What have I been doing? Are you really busy?

Busy is not the same as being productive…

Too busy for friends

This saddened me, but yet all my own doing.  Everyone knew me as always running around 100mph, always working.  I had no time for anyone or anything.  Not even for myself.


This is the fastest route to burnout, which I quickly realised.  Mentally, this is not good for us.  Physically this is not good for us.  Are you doing things that could lead to burnout?  Have a look at some things you could STOP.  Busy is not the same as being productive

Are you structured?

Do you have a structured day or do you let other tasks creep in?  Are those tasks really a priority or are you using them as a form of procrastination?  What I mean by this is, I find myself sorting out appointments and booking clients in and not getting on with some of the more ‘business duties’.  You know those things only the business owner does?

So, I hear you ask, why am I filling my day with tasks that my employees can do with ease.  Or I could pay a  VA to take my phone calls and deal with messages.

I have realised, that is my procrastination.  Busy is not the same as being productive


This has made me think.  Why do I do this?  Well, I believe that by booking the appointments I am progressing the business.  It is as if I see this task as a priority.  Because by having clients booked in I know I have an income coming in that day, or next week etc – like an income generating task.

Does this make sense?

But, this is a belief I have set upon myself.  Believe me by doing the other tasks, that are really ‘income generating’, but for the future of the business.

The bigger picture

We can often forget to see the bigger picture.  As a business owner it is easy to feel like you should be a ‘team member’.  I know I do this.  But set your boundaries and don’t get sucked in.

Yet, we employee staff or outsource jobs in order for us to grow this business.

This leaves us with the much needed time to do these tasks.  Just because you can book the appointments in far quicker than your stuff.  I know you can see gaps where they can’t.  Or maybe there is just you and you haven’t got staff.

There are ways to automate.  Like using online booking systems.  This is another topic as it is huge.  I was totally against these, as I just didn’t think it would work for me.  It worried me because what if:  Clients would book things wrong? or what if it crashed?  And, many other things.

But, since I got one 6 years ago it was life changing.  I am not on my phone for 2 hours at the end of each working day or at the weekend, when I wanted to finish.

I couldn’t risk missing those bookings though.  Can you?

I get it…

Genuinely, I get it.  It is hard to make these changes.  Some times we just have to try things.  You just never know.

The thing that made me try this, was I had a staff member going on maternity and I just couldn’t work out how I was going to do everything.  That is another topic, but it was my trigger.  So, I am just sharing that.  Running a business can feel very overwhelming, I know.

What are income generating tasks?

Email marketing

Sales calls

Grow your list of leads

Follow ups

Multiple streams of income

I have gone into more detail on each of these.  This is just to get your brain thinking.  What tasks do you do that someone else could easily do.

Email marketing 

If you’re not marketing yourself to your list, then you’re not making money.  If you don’t have a list, then you need to get one.  You have your client base.  You don’t have time in their appointment to tell them all the new things you have been doing.  Or things you are planning, changes you are making.  There is so much to share with clients.  I am not saying it has to be a news letter.  But there is so much content you can share.

Sales Calls

The easiest way to do this quickly is by offering free consultations.  If the prospect is a good fit, you sell them.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  These can work.  In our industry they just take some planning on how you are going to sell.  Have you ever done a Facebook post and it has hardly got any interaction.  Then you have a sent a text or called a client directly and they have taken you up on the deal?  People want to feel important.  They don’t want to feel like it is a blanket offer for everyone.  Make that effort…

Prospecting and Growing Your List of Leads

In order to consistently make more money, you need to grow your leads/clients.  That’s why consistently prospecting and growing your list of leads is an excellent use of your time and energy as a business owner.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Go to networking events and meet people.
  • Run Facebook ads. (You can also hire someone else to do this.)
  • Frequently promote your list building lead magnets on social media.  This is the freebie you offer in exchange for someone’s name and email.

Follow Ups

A good use of your time that also produces income is following up.  Most business owners fear follow ups, because they don’t want to be annoying. But, similar to email marketing, people have a lot going on so you need to send them constant reminders.  People have often said to me.  ‘I am so glad you sent me that reminder as I have been meaning to message’.  

What’s that saying?  You don’t ask, you don’t get.

Multiple Streams of Income

Up until now, everything I’ve mentioned can help you make more money NOW.  But, if you want to make more money over time and build wealth, you’ll need more than that.  Millionaires have an average of seven streams of income.

The last of the income producing activities is to create new offerings you can sell to your audience.

For example, I have my salon, which I love.  I branched out into skincare.  I am not saying create your own products.  You could just have a skincare line you love working with and push retail.  Then, I have my membership website.  Now, this I love too.  And then of course my coaching programs.  Believe it or not, I love this too!!!

Just something to think about

I hope I haver triggered some thoughts here.  We all need guidance.  I know nobody knows your business better than you and nobody could run it better.  But, there is no harm with a few tweaks here and there.

Yes our business is our passion, but surely we got into business to help us have a better life.  Not to be soooo run down with it all.  Use lockdown as a time to put things into action.

Here’s hoping we never have this kind of time off again.

Anything is possible

Believe me when I say this!!!  Just plan and focus and structure.  You can do this.

I am always here to help.  Join the membership and have access to so many workshops and LIVE coaching.  Which I know our members LOVE!!!

See you next time

Lots of love

Louisa x